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Logo Specifications

Smithsonian logo  A Smithsonian organization's logo is the appropriate wording, accompanied by the sunburst. The sunburst by itself is NOT a logo.

Lock-up  A "lock-up" is the combination of the sunburst and logotype, or wording, "locked" together in specific proportions and placement in relation to each other. Lock-ups can be sized proportionately, meaning the entire lock-up can be made smaller or larger, but the elements of a lock-up cannot be separated or sized separately.

Color  There are three basic versions of the Smithsonian logo—color, black-and-white and reversed-out (all white). The color version has a Smithsonian yellow sun with a Smithsonian blue circular "sky,” and either black or white text. This is the prefered version of the logo. For detailed information see the “Color Values” section of this Web site.

Font  The text component of the Smithsonian logo uses Minion Pro font. Minion Pro is an OpenType font and works on both Mac and PC computers, and in both Adobe and Microsoft programs. When Minion Pro is not available, use Minion Standard. If neither Minion Pro nor Minion Standard is available, you may request a logo with "outline" fonts by sending an e-mail to logoweb@si.edu.

Exclusion Zone All logos are surrounded by an "exclusion zone" of clear space. No other material may be placed in this space. The exclusion zone is equal to the “cap height” all around the outside of the logo. The “cap height” is the height of the capital letter “S” of the word “Smithsonian” in the logo.

Quick Tips

Sunburst NEVER stands alone

Sunburst is NEVER black

What if I don't have Minion Pro font?

Other fonts in the Minion Pro typeface

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